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Why teach Mastercam?

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Tools for Teachers

Teacher Resource Site

Resources and Tools to make teaching more streamlined is preferred, especially when teaching courses that include Mastercam Software. camInstructor Teacher Resources include,  Timed Lesson Plans, Customizable PowerPoints, completed Mastercam Files and additional Exercises and Assignments
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Free Resource Hub 

The camInstructor Resource Hub is available for teachers and students and includes a number of Free Lessons and Projects for Mastercam, CNC Programming, and SOLIDWORKS. Click here to get access to this excellent resource.


Features of a Good Coursestep-by-step

All good courses use the following 5 strategies so students will have the best opportunity to learn the theory and skills required to meet the demands of the working world.

1. Online Access


Having content available online for students is imperative so that they can do homework, assignments and extra practice at home on their own. 

2. Step-by-Step Instructions

Reading, watching and listening to required information that includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions with lots of graphics.

3. Videos


Access to videos that reinforce instructions are an excellent way to help students, especially when working at home or on their own.

4. Quizzes & Tests


It is preferable that some of the quizzes and tests are automatically marked by the system so students can get instant feedback on their work. 

5. Search


A good search feature will help students find the instructional content they need at times when they need it, providing a motivating way to learn.












































Practical hands-on projects and exercises. Providing realistic lessons motivates learning. When teaching future CNC Programmers how to use Mastercam, feedback from teachers state that interesting projects (lessons) facilitate learning.  "Students are learning Mastercam at a pace that even surprises the teacher".

Free Lessons

It is also recommended that practical tests which include creating parts are included in the learning material, in which case the instructor marks these tests. The ultimate test to know if learning has taken place in a CNC Programming Course and when learning Mastercam is that the student can draw, toolpath and create the NC code that will run the CNC Machine and make an accurate part with the time and tolerance outlined by the Test.

To learn how camInstructor provides these requirements, check out the academic course page.

Finally, Teacher Resources are crucial to running a good program. For an example of how Teacher Resources can help, check out the overview here.



There are a couple of options to consider when getting a certificate or credentials when learning Mastercam.

Mastercam Certification

To obtain a Mastercam Certificate ensure that the courses you take are an approved pathway to Mastercam Certification. As an official 3rd Party Partner of Mastercam, camInstructor offers Mastercam courses that are approved pathways to Mastercam Certification. Once the camInstructor course has been completed we can assist you in obtaining the appropriate certificate.

Check out the different Certification options for Mastercam.


Books vs Online

When deciding to use books or online content with your class, consider the following:

Cost: Books can cost more than online content. For example, a typical Mastercam Training Guide can cost $85.00. After adding shipping and bookstore markup, the cost to the student can be well over $100.00 per textbook. Online content that covers the same material will typically cost $75.00 plus bookstore markup.

Convenience: In today’s climate, online content can be more convenient than books (especially if the content can be printed and saved). As long as the content can be viewed on phone, tablet or computer, it makes it extremely convenient to have the information with you at all times. No more carrying around books.

Your audience: Younger students tend to prefer online content over books due to convenience, cost and familiarity. Ask a typical student under the age of 40 and they will most likely tell you they would prefer to read on their phone, tablet, or laptop. However, older students still tend to like books as that is what they grew up reading. Check out a sample online lesson and see for yourself how online can serve audiences of all ages.

Free Lessons

If you decide to look into online content make sure to ask the following questions:

  1. Can the content be printed for those students who prefer to have a hard copy of the instructions?
  2. How long will the students have access to the material? The minimum amount of time students have access to the online content should be a year.


Why teach Mastercam?

When your students know how to use the industry leading CAD/CAM Software, their chances of succeeding increase. 

Experts agree that knowing how to use the most popular software product in your industry is the smart approach to finding employment.

When learning how to program CNC Machines, it's important to learn the most popular CAD/CAM software, which according to CIM data is Mastercam.


Job availability for CNC Programmers

Job Prospects and Pay for people in Manufacturing.

Click here to access the 2021 State Manufacturing Data Table.

Job Prospects and Pay for people in CNC Programming

CNC Programmer Salaries in the United States

The national average salary for a CNC Programmer is over $50,000 in United States. Filter by location to see CNC Programmer salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 237 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by CNC Programmer employees

CAM Salaries in the United States

The national average salary for a CAM is over $40,000 in United States. Filter by location to see CAM salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 49 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by CAM employees.