Requirements for Instructors

  • Instructors must be using the camInstructor material in their program. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Instructors must pass the camInstructor Certification Test with 70% or higher.

Instructors taking the test

    1. Instructor fills out the camInstructor Certification Application.
    2. Instructor secures a proctor who will be present during test taking and sign off on the completion of test.  (administrators, deans, coordinators or admin staff).
    3. Test is taken online at the convenience of the instructor and proctor. There is no need to schedule the test with camInstructor.
    4. Proctor submits Proctor Affidavit once test is complete.  Once received, the test will be marked.
    5. Instructors needing Mastercam Training:
      1. Premium Bundle - $575
      2. Individual online courses - $275
      3. Ultimate Bundle - $975
    6. Once the instructor completes and passes the test with 70% or higher, they will be certified to offer the test to their students. 

What’s provided?

  • A test kit – includes drawings and instructions, marking rubrics and completed test files.
  • Overview – rules on administering the test including guidelines for times and test retakes.

The Process for testing Students

  • Instructor sets day and time for test.  Instructor (or suitable substitute) must be present for test.
  • Once the test begins, the students will have 2 hours to complete the test.
  • Students must have access to a computer with Mastercam Software loaded on it.
  • When test has been completed, the instructor will collect the Mastercam files and mark the test using the rubric provided by camInstructor.
  • Instructors will fill out and submit a form indicating qualifying students.  The certificates for the successful students will be printed by us and shipped to the instructor to sign.**
  • The instructor and corresponding school will be responsible for keeping an accurate record of the tests.


  • camInstructor Certification Test for Instructors– FREE for schools using the camInstructor Mastercam Training Products.
  • camInstructor Certification Test for Students – FREE for schools using the camInstructor Mastercam Training Products.
  • **Student Certificate – printed and shipped to school – Up to 40 certificates - $30 including shipping, any additional certificates - $2 each.
  • Teacher Needing MC training – Contact camInstructor for various training options or
    see above.

Why Mastercam?