Teachers Love camInstructor

Over the next few months, we are highlighting various instructors from High Schools, VoTechs, Colleges and Universities.  These individuals have something to say about their use of camInstructor training material in their programs.  

Clint Domangue - Head Shot-1

Clint Domangue

Instructor at Fletcher Technical Community College

Clint Domangue has been a Machine Tool Technology Instructor at Fletcher Technical Community College for a total of 16 years. He has been involved in training for 32 years and has associate degrees in both General Studies and Applied Technologies.

 1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

 camInstructor gives me the most updated information on Mastercam in a lesson plan format, which is great for class setup. With my background being in Machine Tools and not CAD/CAM it helps me get up to speed with the things I need to know to help students. The class management section of the software is a great time saving function.

2. How does camInstructor help keep you students focused and engaged?

 The biggest advantage with camInstructor is the fact that the students can work at their own pace. Once the lecture is complete, the student has all the material to review as many times as needed. The library of videos helps visual learners obtain competency sooner.

camInstructor also allows students to advance as quickly as they can master the software resulting in their ability to excel in the lab.

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

 The lesson plans provided eliminate the time necessary to develop a curriculum and lesson plans. This is provided in a great format. The class management aspect of the software saves time with the included quizzes graded by the system and resource videos.

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Mark Cauble

Mark Cauble

Assistant Professor – Ivy Tech Community College (Lawrenceburg/Batesville)

Mark is an assistant professor at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. Mark has a A.S. degree from Vincennes University in Tool & Die and a journeyman's toolmaker card from the State of Ohio. Mark is the program chair for the school of Machine Tool Technology & Design Technology at Ivy Tech.  Mark is also a machine shop owner who concentrates on military research. 

1.How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?  

“camInstructor courses are structured to give the student complete knowledge of the given topic with rich content and video for review.  This being said, it gives me time to focus on class lecture and lab prep for the given lesson.”

2.How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

“camInstuctor courses are all project-based lessons in which the students ABSOLUTLY LOVE! They really like following through with the project from beginning until the end and when the part is produced at the machine. This confirms to them that they have the ability to start and complete a project on their own!

3.How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

"Student Success is my main goal for teaching college." This being said, camInstructor allows me to stay focused on my Main Goal! With a predetermined curriculum with rich content, I can stay focused on my students, lecture and lab work to make them Workforce Ready after completing my program at Ivy Tech Community College!”

Mark Cauble - Classroom


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Jonathan Vennard

Assistant Professor - Precision Machining & Advanced CNC Technology Vincennes University.

Jonathan Vennard has been an Instructor and Assistant Professor for Precision Machining & Advanced CNC Technology at Vincennes University for over 9 years. He received his A.S. and his B.A.Sc. in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

 1.How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?  

The program here at Vincennes University is constantly evolving to keep up with our industry partners. This evolution includes staying with the newest versions of the Mastercam software. We started using camInstructor in 2014, utilizing the CNC Mill & Lathe workbook, and later adopting camInstructor for our Mastercam coursework as well. camInstructor curriculum has drastically trimmed my preparation time for classroom work, which has allowed myself and our other instructors to focus more on improving our student's lab experiences.”

2.How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

camInstructor provides the students with a fallback resource for anything they may miss in our lectures, or if they are absent, they can rely on the camInstructor materials to get caught up. Students also can stay engaged on the HLE of Mastercam and access the template files for projects easier with use of the camInstructor platform.”  

3.How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

"The team at camInstructor has helped us in a variety of ways, whether it be simply setting up our semester-by-semester material bundles or helping us in regard to student certification processes. Our program and students thrive and grow through the quality curriculum camInstructor provides.”

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Andrew Stoddard

Andrew Stoddard

Instructor at De Anza College, California

Andrew Stoddard has been an instructor at De Anza College for 7 Years and has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry. Andrew's experience includes being employed by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory as well as The Ames Research Center. He has been factory trained by HAAS Automation as well as DMG MORI.

1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

Using camInstructor in my classes is helpful with getting a good foundation established from the start. The textbook follows the lessons, step by step. Showing how to perform and create each project, from scratch.  This method works great for read-write learners that prefer information in a text format. The book also comes with access to the camInstructor website. This is where students can utilize the online videos and other downloadable content.

2. How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

“I find the videos work great for auditory-visual learners that need to see and hear the lessons played out for them. I also find this a great learning tool for ESL students that have difficulty reading and understanding English. I ask that my students have the textbook open, as the videos are playing, so they can really get the most out of the provided information.”

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

"Over the 6 years I’ve used the camInstructor educational material in my classes, I have found it to be an invaluable resource for educators."

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James West 2

James West

Instructor at State Technical College Missouri

James West has been an Industrial Technology and Precision Machining Technology instructor at State Technical College of Missouri  for over 10 years. James holds a A.A.S. from Linn State Technical College and a B.S.  of Applied Science in Management from Central Methodist University.

1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

“Learning Mastercam for students can be very challenging at times. Teaching classes of 20+ students, camInstructor has been the indispensable tool for instruction, learning, and class management\organization. The graded quizzes and detailed instructions coupled with videos makes camInstructor an instructor’s dream. I have even taught Mastercam online through camInstructor.”

2. How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

“camInstructor allows the students to learn the CAM software at their own pace through the videos and step by step instructions.”

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

“Without camInstructor I do not believe I would be able to manage the size and number of classes that I am currently taking on.”

James West Class 2



Joe Thurin

Instructor at Moraine Park Technical College

Joe Thurin has been a CNC/Tool & Die Technology Instructor, Associate Professor at Moraine Park Technical College for over 4 years. Joe received his associate degree with the Tool and Die Design Program at Moraine Park Technical College. 

1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

“camInstructor reinforces what I am teaching in the classroom for students to review on their own time. This allows a student to review the material outside of class.  Now they can come to class with a better understanding and questions on the Mastercam projects.”

2. How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

“This resource allows the students to challenge themselves to new levels in Mastercam. camInstructor simply walks you right through each lesson and exercise with ease and understanding. The bonus videos are great! This builds the confidence needed for the student to create tool paths in Mastercam.”

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

“The friendly staff is very timely to always get my camInstructor ready to go with teacher resources every semester. All the resources available on camInstructor for the students makes my job easier.”


Terry Morse

Associate Professor at Delta College, MI

Terry Morse has been an Associate Professor at Delta College for over 12 years. Previous to that position, he was a Machine Tool Instructor at Bay Arenac ISD Career Center and also gained “hands on” experience working as a Tool Maker.

1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor? 

    “camInstructor saves me time by having a good video library of all its lessons. That way when a student has missed a class or needs further explanation, they can simply review the video tutorial of the lesson and have most of the necessary information to complete the project. camInstructor also has quizzes available that as an instructor I can assign to be completed after the required chapter assignments have been completed.”

2. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

“camInstructor has made my job easier simply by developing a good text that has projects that build on previous skills and the size of the parts can easily fit in our CNC work envelope.”

3. Why does Delta choose to offer camInstructor Certification to students?

“First we feel by offering a 3rd party test/assessment we are adding validity to our Mastercam course and manufacturing program. We also use the data from the certifications in our internal assessment report when compiling data for the college accreditation report.”

4. What do students think about camInstructor Certification?

“Students appreciate the opportunity to take a certification test and add the accomplishments to their resume.”

5. How easy is it to offer camInstructor Certification?

Other faculty members and I feel it is easy to administer and the results are easy to compile.”


Rick Hendricks

Instructor/Department Head at Pennsylvania College of Technology

Rick Hendricks, Jr. is the Manufacturing Department Head at Pennsylvania College of Technology.  He holds a M.S., Education Development & Strategies, Wilkes University, a B.S., Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Pennsylvania College of Technology and a A.A.S, Machine tool Technology, Williamsport Area Community College. 

1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

Simply put-Why re-invent the wheel? camInstructor has all the essentials I need to streamline the preparation process for Mastercam training, both in the classroom and CNC machining lab. In the classroom we utilize the detailed instructions and the video collection to complete the part geometry and toolpaths. Having these resources available saves me time so we can prepare the CNC equipment and tooling with our students to machine many of the projects.”

2. How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

As we know people learn and comprehend in different ways. Having the choice between reading through the detailed tutorial instructions, and/or watching the videos to complete the tasks, assists students with their style of learning. Many of the students use a combination and when assessing their knowledge using projects, tests, or quizzes, the outcomes are very positive.”

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

Having the training modules with detailed instructions, videos, downloads and more online and at a cheaper price makes it available no matter where the students are. Offering the free HLE version of Mastercam gives the students the capability of completing assignments when on or off campus. Utilizing the variety of project training modules ranging from 2D wireframe to five-axis solid model projects, as well as basic to advanced turning tutorials gives me time to focus on the development and understanding of CNC machine setup, tooling selection, speed and feed calculations, and troubleshooting.”

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Troy Spear

Computer Aided Design and Engineering Technologies Career Technical Program

Troy Spear is a level I instructor for the Computer Aided Design and Engineering Technologies career technical program at Theodore Roosevelt High School.  He teaches Fundamentals of Wood and Metal Manufacturing and Advanced Cabinetry. He received his Master of Arts in Industrial Technology from Kent State University.  He is also a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Cabinetmakers Association, Woodwork Career Alliance and Skills USA.  

1. How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

“camInstructor saves me time as an instructor by allowing each student to progress through well thought out and designed lessons at their own pace. This gives them all the same base level of understanding while allowing me to focus on other things within my classroom or lab setting. I am also able to then take students collectively or individually and go deeper with them on either personal or class projects/tasks.”

2. How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

“Students are kept engaged by camInstructor’s lay out. A linear step by step approach is used that builds student interest, buy in and understanding. My students know that this instruction leads them out to our Advanced Manufacturing Lab where they are 3D printing, machining or fabricating parts.”         

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

“My job is made easier through using camInstructor because I do not have to create quality lessons or projects to teach the fundamentals of the various programs as they have already been created for me to use with my students. These lessons help them learn and use the various software interfaces as well as applying the processes to various projects. I can focus my energies on other areas or tasks, which if you're a manufacturing or design trades teacher, you can appreciate how many of those exist.”


Dan Leatzow

Ph.D./M.S., Sr. Instructor at Flathead Valley Community College, MT

Dan serves as a liason to regional manufacturers in developing the skilled labor needed to sustain and grow manufacturing in NW Montana. With 25 years of experience, he provides instruction in solids modeling (Solidworks), CAM (MasterCAM), and multi-axis CNC. Multi-axis CNC includes both true 5 axis and Swiss type processes.

1.How does camInstructor save you time as an instructor?

“camInstructor’s products provide a quality framework to teach from that are relevant and up-to-date.  Not having to prepare lessons and devise parts to work from saves an enormous amount of time that can be spent addressing other programmatic needs.”

2. How does camInstructor help keep your students focused and engaged?

“The overall structure of camInstructor content facilitates a strong connection between lecture and learning.  The lesson parts provide a common focus for lecturing on CAM principles and practice.  The exercises at the end of each lesson provide a great opportunity for students to reinforce their understanding of presented concepts.  The step by step lesson structure is a great resource for the student if they are unsure and certainly reduces potential stress.”

3. How do we at camInstructor make your job easier?

“The camInstructor team makes the job easier through incredible customer support and developing high quality products that are not only relevant, but also available is multiple formats that promote enhanced access by instructors and students, alike.”