Requirements for Individuals

  • Individuals must be enrolled in a qualified camInstructor online Mastercam course*.

Individuals taking the Certification Test

    1. Certificates issued to self learners will indicate that the test was written without a proctor and therefore is valid based on the honesty of the learner.
    2. For people wanting a Certificate without this waiver, an application must be submitted and a proctor must be in attendance while the test is being written.
    3. Test is taken online at the convenience of the individual and proctor(if applicable)
    4. A Proctor can consist of a supervisor or administrator within you company.
    5. Proctor submits Proctor Affidavit once test is complete.  Once received, the test will be marked.
    6. Individuals needing Mastercam Training:
      1. Ultimate Premium bundle - $950
      2. Mastercam Premium bundle - $575
      3. Individual online courses - $275
    7. Once the individual completes and passes the test (mark of 70 or over) they will be issued a Mastercam Certificate.


  • *Free for anyone enrolled in one of the following camInstructor Online Courses.
    • Ultimate Premium Bundle ($950)
    • Mastercam Premium Bundle ($575)
    • Individual Online Course ($275)**
    **Certificate test must be included in the product you purchased.

Why Mastercam?